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Why a book on internal communication theory and practice is important

I decided to pull the book together because – having delivered the internal comms cert for more than a year – it proved really tough to find a text that pulled together the theory and the practice. It seemed like a good idea at the time but boy is it a lot of work, it was made easier though by the chapter writers all of whom proved fantastic at sticking to deadlines and really getting to grips with the subject.

I love theory and really believe that it makes the difference between good and bad practice. I’m with Kurt Lewin when he says… “there is nothing as practical as a good theory”. It’s often hard at first to see the relevance of theory, especially when you are faced with a constant barrage of day to day communication problems to solve. But stepping back from that and thinking about culture and psychology is really rewarding. It also delivers better results in the long run.

Change management is, naturally, a big theme in the book, whether it is cultural change, guides for change management, viral change, social media or an “edge of chaos” mindset. Internal communication has often been neglected as a core component of successful change, despite that fact that so many change initiatives don’t deliver. So, the time has come to put internal communication firmly on the management agenda. It is not the so-called “soft” skill; a derogatory term that sidelines it to the fluffy folder of management. It is actually the “hard” skill that is the differentiator, harder actually than most accepted “hard” operational skills.

Kevin Ruck

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