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Internal comms isn’t PR

Hang on a minute, what’s internal comms got to do with PR? Isn’t PR just the spin that organisations churn out to journalists? That’s a mile away from what I do.

Internal communicators have a wide range of backgrounds, not always in PR.

That’s what I love about the job. I started work in customer service, dealing with people complaining about faults on their phone line. After that I fell into PR and then chose to specialise in internal comms.

Internal comms teams that include people with a deep knowledge of the organisation have enormous potential. I know many ace communicators who have moved into the role from other disciplines, including engineering, computing, finance and project management. And, naturally, they do not think of themselves as public relations practitioners. But that’s often based on a fairly limited view of what public relations is these days.

PR has moved beyond traditional media relations; social media has changed all that anyway. It’s much more strategic and based around stakeholder engagement in its widest sense. It’s centred in reputation management and this is where internal communication is integral to a broad definition of PR.

Organisational reputation depends on engaged employees and internal communication is fundamental to engagement.

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