There are two internal communication qualifications that you can study with PR Academy both of which are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations:

The CIPR Internal Communication Certificate is taught at degree level and is a six month course.

The CIPR Internal Communication Diploma is taught at masters level and is also a six month course.

Both courses are taught face to face in London and also online so can be studied from anywhere in the world.


What our students say

“The best thing about PR Academy is the people who run it. Ann Pilkington and Kevin Ruck genuinely care about their students and this is manifested in so many tangible ways. For example, in the middle of writing my assignment they answered my many questions so promptly that I was able to make progress very quickly. They maintained contact with students throughout the period of study and were incredibly supportive. I think they are probably the best supplier of communications courses and with Internal Communications you are in safe hands with Kevin and Ann – been there and done that but they are still fresh, keen and enthusiastic!”

Krishan Lathigra
Foreign and Commonwealth Office

“The most beneficial thing I took away from the Internal Communications Diploma was the level of application. I was attending full-day session on a Saturday and going into work on Monday with a list of things I wanted to implement. At first I thought it may be me being a bit over enthusiastic, however the course maintained its level of practicality with the introduction of guest speakers (often from a practitioner background). The result was that not only did I feel I should be doing these things – I felt like I could, and straight away. So I did, I would go back into work and start applying these ideas on new campaigns or presentations. And so my credibility and confidence grew, strengthening the learning loop. The key difference between the PR Academy course and most university study is this level of application. Without the ability to practice what you are learning, the theories, models and approaches just don’t stick. Anyone who has tried (and failed, like me) to learn a language or instrument will agree.”

Chris Gamble
Internal Communications Manager
British Gypsum

“The Internal Communication Certificate has proved very valuable, blending classic communications theory with an increased understanding of an organisation and an employee’s appetite for good internal comms.

Meeting with a peer-group of other internal comms professionals has been great fun and provided reassurance that ‘you’re not alone’ facing similar challenges. The Saturday pre-course ‘coffee and banter’ with the other folk was always uplifting.

The IC certificate has really supported me in my current project-based role at Business Link, understanding the value of internal communications in a change and transformation context. I would highly recommend and look forward to further offerings on this topic from the PR Academy.”

Mike Wooles
Project Coordinator, Business Link

The Internal Communication Certificate delivered by the PR Academy is a great course to not only learn the theory of internal communication but to learn from and share with others how it is applied across all types of business.

The sessions were structured well, being fast paced but allowing sufficient time for groups to actively discuss the topics and how they are or could be applied in the workplace. The topics are timely for the current internal communication environment, bringing into play the latest social media opportunities.

Lecturers are practitioners who clearly recognise the challenges in the real work environment which does not always present all the components necessary for good internal communication. Being able to discuss these issues in the sessions was helpful and brought new insight to some of the internal communication problems we all faced.”

Wendy Cottis
Head of Corporate Communications, Office of National Statistics


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