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Book launch event on 15 July

It seems like ages ago now but the book was officially launched on 15 July at Glaziers Hall in London.

Mary Welch, Francesco Furnari and I talked about our chapters and we had a lively panel discussion involving other chapter authors. This was all superbly chaired by Sean Trainor with Colette Dorward providing an interesting perspective on the evolution of internal communication. I love history, so this is a fascinating topic. Interestingly, one of our students on the Internal Communication Diploma is doing a research project on the evolution of internal communication, so I’m really looking forward to reading this.

Since the event, I’ve been talking to other internal communicators who have filled in some gaps in my knowledge about how things have changed, or not, in the last ten years or so. I think we have become much more sophisticated and much more influential in organisations, though, based on what our students tell me, this is still patchy.

With the advent of the new CIPR internal communication qualifications and a range of good training available, my hope is that internal communication will continue to be perceived more widely as a strategic function that is so much more than producing posters and newsletters. Not that posters and newsletters are necessarily “bad” of course.

One of the points that came up in the discussion is the emphasis in the book on theory. Paul Noble quite rightly suggested that the question to ask anyone when they talk about theory is how it is applied in practice, and we certainly try to do that in the chapters that cover different aspects of theory. For example, Mary Welch’s stakeholder model of internal communication is actually very practical way of getting the discussion about what approach to take down to a meangingful level. So often, the default is a briefing to everyone when it’s just not appropriate.

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