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Being bold about results

I was at the University of Central Lancashire Business School Symposium today, talking about my PhD thesis, “Rethinking Internal Communication Measurement”.

Measurement often comes up as something that internal communicators don’t do particularly well. There are several reasons for this. One is that practitioners often do not have a background in research, so don’t understand the principles of measurement (I include myself in this category). Another is that the technology is not always in place, for example, how many intranets can easily provide unique visitor numbers? And then there is the fear of setting a measure that isn’t met and your bonus (or job, or contract) is in jeopardy.

Standard survey questions for internal communication are now getting a bit stale and that’s something I’ll be looking at very closely in the coming year. It’s much more than the volume of information generated. However, perhaps the greater challenge is for us as practitioners to be prepared to set clear, measurable objectives (outcome and output based) in our plans.

After all, this is something that our colleagues in marketing and operations can do. Surely, to be taken seriously, we have to do the same?

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